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Why Study in USA?

Why do Indian students want to study in USA? Some of the common reasons are listed below.

Top-class universities

About 75% of the highest ranked universities in the world are in USA. With extensive investment in research, generous grants and endowments at every step, they continue to lead the way in everything. Academic flexibility is a hallmark of the US education system and allow students to choose between various majors, minors etc..

Business Friendly Environment

USA nurtures entrepreneurs and offers a business-friendly environment. Thus starting a business is easy and there is plenty of support and advice available from the right sources at hand. No wonder the leading technology companies in the world started here! In fact in many cases, upon graduation, one is encouraged to start a business and explore new possibilities.

English Speaking

USA is an English-speaking country and hence, language is not a barrier. Thus one is not totally lost when one goes to study there!

Better career options

USA is the only superpower in the world and the amount of career opportunities available is simply mind-boggling. Also, it is a way to obtain the coveted green card/permanent residency status or even citizenship if need be! The degrees are also globally recognized.

Scholarships and work options

There is the option to work part time while studying and plenty of university and government scholarships. While each college has an individual policy, overall, one can secure good funding, especially for research and development.

Vibrant campus life

Campus life is highly vibrant and creates a great environment of bonhomie. It also helps students achieve a well-rounded personality, which in turn helps them contribute to company growth and build effective teams when they are employed.

Why Vizinfinity?

1.Deep experience in the overseas immigration field, which translates us to complete knowledge of dealing with the requirements of various countries and universities and advising students on the correct path to pursue.

2.Ability to identify the precise interest area of students and match them with the best universities thereby giving wings to aspirations and a flying start to the overseas educational journey.

3.Ability to help with the profile creation and other aspects of application and make students stand out from the crowd.

4.Excellence in visa documentation and processing. We are amongst the renowned educational consultancies known for our track record of delivering results in this aspect.

5.We have a 96% success rate and this makes us one of the best in what we do.

6.Wide offerings and direct contact with some of the best universities around the world. This means that we are able to satisfy any customer with specific education needs and academic endeavors.

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