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Why Study in New-Zealand?

Why do Indian students want to study in New-Zealand? Some of the common reasons are listed below

New Zealand is a small country nestled below the Australian continent in the Southern hemisphere. While it is known for its pristine beauty and high quality of life, the country has also emerged as a top destination for education.

Some of the reasons why it is an attractive study destination is

1.Heavy government investment in education

The New Zealand government has invested heavily in education and this has resulted in good capacity across all universities in almost all courses. Thus, even students with average grades can get into their course of choice and prove themselves. The government also supports research initiatives and New Zealand, on the whole, is an advanced economy.

2.Similarity to British Education system

As a former British colony, India has adopted the British education system. This is the case with New Zealand as well. The degrees are recognized around the world and the high-quality faculty and added practical approach to any course gives an all-round edge to individuals. New Zealand has been recognized internationally for the high education and research standards.

3.Political stability

New Zealand is a progressive country with excellent political stability and a peaceful atmosphere. Economic stability is another big plus, and this means that currency fluctuations are not much.

4.People and Culture

The people of New Zealand have historically embraced immigrants, are polite and gentle by nature. Citizens are well-travelled and have rich exposure to other cultures. Thus, they are welcoming to students.


Compared to Britain, USA or even Australia, New Zealand offers excellent facilities for a reasonable cost. Further, there are eight institutions of education spread across both the islands and this gives plenty of opportunity to any student to pursue their dreams. Accommodation and other allied expenses are reasonable and students can also work part time when they study and this is another added bonus.

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