Why Do Indians Want to Study Abroad?

  • Date : Dec 06, 2017
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India has had a long history of cultural and educational exchange. But the trend has upended in recent times. Technological advances and the falling faith in the Indian higher education (especially graduate and post-graduate education) have resulted in many Indians preferring to study abroad. Today, India is the second largest market sending students to study overseas, after China and the number of Indian students preferring to study abroad is only set to increase. Some of the common reasons attributed to studying abroad are

1.Better quality of education

Even though there are reputed universities in India, it is a well-known fact that seats are less. Further, the average quality of education across the entire spectrum. Hence, considering all aspects like quality of faculty, better hands-on training, ability to take part in side projects and internships, funding support, flexibility and freedom, Indian students prefer to study abroad.

2.Better variety and depth of courses

Many students with a high subjective awareness prefer to study abroad as they get better exposure and depth. Many niche courses in India are offered only by a handful of institutes and the curricula, often does not satisfy them

3.Better employment and research opportunities

Many undergraduates and postgraduates prefer to study abroad as they have long-term career plans, be it employment or continuing research. The depth of exposure, the interaction with international students, the ability to contribute to and understand the subject more proactively and drive forward change are other motivations for students. Opportunities are a big draw and this is a prime motivating factor for many individuals. For doctorates, research or teaching fellowship or assistantship that pays for most or all of the costs and further growth pathways automatically open up.

4.Relative ease of admission

It is a highly competitive educational scenario in India and one needs to get high scores to clear the entrance examinations and be admitted to the top universities in the country. The buck does not stop there. Even if one were to get a high score, the chance of undertaking the course of choice is an open question. To avoid the possibility of pursuing education in a lower-rated college, as well as achieve the aim of studying the course of their choice, students prefer to study abroad.

5.Cultural exchange and Immigration

Many of us are curious about cultures and studying abroad gives one a realistic and holistic opportunity to experience a culture and be a melting pot of change first hand. Further, many students have a long-term vision of settling abroad and the time of study serves as a factor that helps them to prove their credentials in the country where they want to settle down.

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