Why Do Indians Want to Settle Abroad?

  • Date : Dec 06, 2017
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India is a land of huge diversity, a rich heritage and culture. Indians have contributed and continue to contribute on the world stage. However, of late, the questions of brain drain and the idea that many educated and bright Indian wish to settle abroad has taken root.

This is not entirely unfounded. Recent data available on suggests that a considerable number of Indians have emigrated abroad. What is the reason for this? Some major reasons for Indian emigrating overseas is discussed below

1. The foreign dream

In many cases, it starts with a single family member going abroad seeking better opportunities. This may either be in the form of filling a skill gap abroad, a new business venture or simply the urge to travel abroad and make a fortune in foreign lands. Later, once they find their feet, the other family members, both close and extended join them. India has a rich history of trade, commerce and people to people interaction from since ancient times. It is just in our genes!

2. Healthcare and education

All said and done, education and healthcare standards in India are still below world standards. Also, there is no old-age support or pension unlike in foreign countries.

3. Better opportunities and salary

When foreign currency is converted into Indian rupees, there is a multiplicative effect. This strongly entices Indians to work abroad and over a period of time, they settle there. While the standard of living in foreign countries is high, remittances to India after expense abroad is what drives many families and livelihoods in India.

4. Ease of doing business

Many countries welcome businessmen and provide favourable tax regimes for businesses. There is even the case that if an investment is made beyond a certain amount, there is an automatic entitlement for citizenship. When businesses want to expand far beyond Indian shores, it helps in having a dual citizenship.

4. Better work–life balance

Almost all foreign countries have the weekend off. There is a lot of consideration given for spending time with the family and even commuting time is considered as working time in many cases. This concept of placing importance to work and life also attracts Indians.

5. Politics

Many Indians who settle abroad resent many of the political developments in India. Feeling unable to raise their voice, they decide to take the easier path of settling abroad and leading a more prosperous and stable life.

5. Overall standard of living

The overall standard of living in foreign countries is much better than in India. In the United Nations' latest Human Development Index, India ranks consistently low. In ranking countries in the Human Development Index, the list of factors considered includes life expectancy, education and per capita income.

The above are just some of the factors that have been considered. There may be more considering the evolving scenarios and the individual aspirations. Whatever the case for deciding to emigrate, VizInfinity provides end to end via and immigration consultancy services. If you have specific queries regarding any country, please feel free to call us or just walk into our office for a discussion and let us guide you through and offer the best options and choices.

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