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Why Canada ?

Canada is a developed nation in the North American continent boasting of abundant natural resources, political stability and international trade networks. This takes us to an important question.

Why is Canada a good destination to study?

1.World class universities

Canada boasts of some of the world’s best universities. The tuition fees are minimal when compared with countries like USA and UK, while the facilities are either at par or sometimes even exceed those present in similar universities around the world. Internationally accredited programs offered by the universities mean that the degree is internationally recognized.

2.Availability of scholarships

Plenty of private and government scholarships are available. The country encourages overseas students, has a rich history of co-existence and encourages diversity. The government aims to increase the number of full-time international students to 450,000 by 2022.

3.Employment opportunities

Unlike other countries, Canada welcomes immigrants and offers bright employment prospects. There is a possibility to work during studying and in most cases, employment opportunities post course completion is guaranteed. It is well known that many universities and colleges in Canada provide co-op programs under which the students get the opportunity to have exposure into some real world experience.

4.Safe, peace loving and multicultural

Canada has been consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. The government has a forward-thinking policy that encourages and supports multiculturalism. Politically stable, free from violence and discrimination, Canada is a veritable heaven on earth!

5.Technical strength and abundant research opportunities

The government, private players and universities support cutting edge research and are generous in grants. Industries like telecom, aeronautical etc are particularly strong and Canada has excellent Internet facilities and has always been at the forefront of innovation. The Canadian education system is well-balanced, research-oriented, balanced and structured in all aspects. Canada was the world’s first country to connect its schools and libraries to the internet using the SchoolNet program.

6.Open Immigration policy and friendly society

Talent is the most important criteria and nothing else. Application for citizenship and permanent residency are also options available. With a welcoming society that has members from all communities from around the globe, Canada is culturally diverse, naturally beautiful and offers an enviable quality of life!

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