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Why Study in Australia?

Why do Indian students want to study in Australia? Some of the common reasons are listed below

Hands-on Approach

Australian universities are known for their practical hands on approach. This delivers excellent value to students and reduces the knowledge gaps between theory and practice. The skill-based approach is the key driver of Australia’s economic prosperity

English Speaking

Australia is an English-speaking country and hence, language is not a barrier. Many Indians have immigrated and settled in Australia in the past. While the continent is huge, the concentration of population is mainly along the coast. Thus one is not totally lost when one goes to study there!

Equal Opportunity and Better career options

Whether local or overseas students, there is equal opportunity. The Australian government has set up a framework known as the Australian Qualifications Framework that ensures equal opportunities and recognition for the students who have graduated out of a specific course from any university throughout the country.

Scholarships and work options

There is the option to work part time while studying and plenty of university and government scholarships. The Australian government has earmarked about 200 million dollars for scholarships and this is a big draw as it is used effectively to draw international students.

Vibrant campus life

Campus life is highly vibrant and creates a great environment of bonhomie. It also helps students achieve a well-rounded personality, which in turn helps them contribute to company growth and build effective teams when they are employed.

Quality Health care

Healthcare is a universal right in Australia and the country offers some of the best facilities for healthcare all free of cost!

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