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Studying abroad is an endeavour many students and parents

Studying abroad is an endeavour many students and parents want to pursue. Be it an undergraduate degree, a post-graduate MBA or even a doctorate, the reasons for studying abroad include:

  • The high quality of the programs offered and the prestige of being associated with the university in question.
  • The superiority of the facilities and faculty.
  • A chance to experience a new culture.
  • A merit-based system where talent is recognized.
  • Availability of plenty of opportunities and associated career paths.
  • The exposure that comes with living abroad is valuable, especially when management positions are sought in future.
  • A chance to get employed after study and finally settle abroad.
  • For students pursuing a doctorate, the availability of research funds and cutting edge technology is a big plus.

More details are available at http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/why-do-indians-want-to-study-abroad/article11120213.ece1

However, it is not about scoring marks and making ready the funds. Studying abroad also requires rigorous planning and a lot of ground work in various aspects.

This is where the expertise of VizInfinity comes in. We not only help with the documentation and visa processing, but we also help in matching the profile of the students with the right universities and in identifying their exact needs and interest areas. By offering impartial advice and full information on the availability of programs and scholarships, we ensure that students and their parents are better prepared.

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