New Zealand

Excellent work–life balance.

Remember the movie the ‘Lord of the Rings’. Remember how spectacular the story, background and surroundings were? A major part of the film was filmed there.

What makes New Zealand a top destination to emigrate to? The reasons are below

  • New Zealand is the world’s second most desirable place for families according to the 2015 HSBC expat report
  • Excellent work–life balance.
  • Developed public services and excellent healthcare
  • World class education. All 8 universities of New Zealand are amongst the top 500 in the world.
  • Clean and beautiful surroundings and a totally safe and secure environment.

The visa types are

Resident visa under skilled migrant category

If you have the requisite qualifications and experience and a skill set in demand in New Zealand, then one can qualify under this category.

Work Visas

Work visas are when you have an offer of employment from a recognized firm.

Study Visas

Like other countries, New Zealand also has specific student visas. Contact us for more details.

Please note that all visa processing for New Zealand must be done with an agent who is registered with the Immigration Advisors Authority of New Zealand.

Why VizInfinity?

  • High approval and success rate across all visa and service types.
  • Experienced and competent processing, counselling and customer services team.
  • Careful analysis and absolute transparency in operations.
  • Customised programs based on individual preferences.
  • Comprehensive support and professional guidance at every step.
  • Availability of post-landing services across all visa types.
  • Modest and fair pricing.

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