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Globalization has enhanced deeper cross-border interactions and migration

VizInfinity offers complete immigration services to countries including but not limited to Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Denmark and New Zealand.

While on one side, global security and border controls are tightening, on the other side, there is always the need for skilled individuals. Further, globalization has enhanced deeper cross-border interactions and migration. VizInfinity is one of the few reputed consultants know how exactly to handle this fine line and help our clients achieve their immigration dreams.

Our systematic process works as follows

1. Discussing between the client and our consultants and deciding which country you want to immigrate to. Preparation of a detailed document list and plan based on the same.

2. Preparation of relevant documents and papers for submission.

We will guide you through and through in this process and ensure that everything is absolutely complete and fulfils the requirements in all aspects.

3. Education and skill assessment, Tests for English ability.

This process has to be done individually. However, we are always there to extend our support in all aspects.

4. Document submission to authorities

All the above documents have to be submitted to the authorities. Regular follow up is done and updates are given to customers to ensure that everything is working as per plan.

Once the above is completed perfectly, we can expect a response from the embassy and proceed accordingly.

Complimentary to the above, we also offer additional services like job search, resume preparation, post-landing services etc.

With a high rate of approval and years of experience in this domain, we offer a realistic view and are in the best position to offer options and ideas on what can best suit your needs.

Still have questions? Contact us now and fly on wings of change!

Why VizInfinity?

  • High approval and success rate across all visa and service types.
  • Experienced and competent processing, counselling and customer services team.
  • Careful analysis and absolute transparency in operations.
  • Customised programs based on individual preferences.
  • Comprehensive support and professional guidance at every step.
  • Availability of post-landing services across all visa types.
  • Modest and fair pricing.

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