High standard of living and excellent healthcare facilities.

Canada is one of the most sought after destinations to emigrate. The open mindedness and hospitality of Canadians was demonstrated during the Syrian war, where they took in a number of refugees. When such is the case, can skilled people be far behind?

Some of the points which make Canada an attractive destination are

  • Excellent economic and social opportunities.
  • Cultural diversity with no anti-immigrant political parties.
  • Transparent system of rating individuals.
  • High standard of living and excellent healthcare facilities.
  • Low crime rate and excellent gun control laws.

Viz Infinity offers visa and immigration services under the following categories.

Migration to Canada

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is the most common way for immigrating to Canada. However, there is a maximum cap on the number of people who can emigrate under this. But local provinces like Quebec have additional quotas and additional number of individuals can be accepted under such programs.

Individuals can file applications for permanent residency in Canada under the Provisional Nominee Programs (PNPs) as well.

The main advantage with all the above programs is that dependent family members can also accompany the main individual and in many cases, the spouse or partner is also authorized to work in many cases.

Canada Express Entry Visa

The Canada Express entry visa is a new selection system and it guarantees a processing time of 6 months or less for 80% of the cases. It is applicable mainly in the case of skilled workers and is a completely electronic process that involves the various arms of the Canadian government working in cohesion to deliver a final result on the status.

Express entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence under the following programs

  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skilled trade program
  • Canadian express class

Once an individual applies, he or she is ranked based on several factors. If one is amongst the top candidates, there is an invite for Permanent Residency as a skilled immigrant, following which the rest of the processes are completed within 6 months.

Studying in Canada

Canada offers excellent study facilities while the tuition fees and cost of living are less compared to other developed nations. Recently, the Canadian government passed a new law that allows international students to count the time spent studying and working in Canada towards the total residency requirement.

Students can even work when they study through the Canada Work Study permit.

Viz infinity helps prospective students make sense of the various options and facilities available, supports them in all processing and ensures that they are on the sound road to success.

Permanent Residency/Citizenship though Investment/Business

People willing to start a business or invest in Canada can adopt various methods. These will come under the following visa categories

  • Start-up Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa
  • Self-employed Visa

Immigration can also be facilitated under the above categories. Canada is an excellent destination for business persons and entrepreneurs, since they have a strong economy, low taxes and business costs.

Visit/Tourist Visas

The world-famous Niagara falls offers a spectacular sight, not to mention other tourist hotspots. So if you are planning to visit Canada either as a tourist of just for fun, we are here to facilitate all visa processing and documentation!

Why VizInfinity?

  • High approval and success rate across all visa and service types.
  • Experienced and competent processing, counselling and customer services team.
  • Careful analysis and absolute transparency in operations.
  • Customised programs based on individual preferences.
  • Comprehensive support and professional guidance at every step.
  • Availability of post-landing services across all visa types.
  • Modest and fair pricing.

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